Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's GREAT to be Inspired

I wrote this piece at the height of personal inspiration in 2006. I presented it publicly only once and for my friend's wedding, then polietly stored it in my archives. I was pleasantly and quietly surprised and reminded last night that inspiration comes in many forms at unexpected times. :)

I've dreamt of you long before I knew you.
I've thought about you even before I saw your face.
Your warmth surrounded me and catapulted me to different heights and another place.

It was those little flurries that first occupied my every in between thought.
Those crush on you butterflies that kept me on my toes, shy, hoping I wouldn't get caught.
You were standing there smiling...
Eyes wide open to the possibilities
Unconditionally, you spoke of yourself
No judgements, no pretenses, just you...
There, observing the naturalness of existance.

We were naked in our essence
Barely knowing if what we were feeling was real because it was unlike anything we had ever known.

We had come together to explore.
We had been brought together for more...
More than this moment
More than this thought of
What if?
If we allowed fear to enter in, we may have never met.
If we had turned away, we would not have acknowledged what God has sent.
As an imperfect person, THIS is an unconditional commitment.

When...the sun rises across the water.
When...I see you smile again.
When...the cool night breeze brushes ever so gently across my face
I'll remember...

Staring at the moon, brightly lit in the sky
No need to ask why.
There are no more questions
There is no more doubt.
The stars are all aligned and on top of this hill that we mount
Up upon our dreams,
We look forward to the future.
We plan our lives together.
To comprehend, to embrace, to receive...

ALL that you are
ALL that I am
I know
Because i believe that I can -
Step into this reality that feels so surreal.

One foot on the ground,
One hand outstretched toward the sky.
I don't look back, I look ahead
At a reflection of my heart in the mirror.
It couldn't be anymore clearer.
I know you
You know me
I sacrifice
We surrender


-Kimberly N. Cooper


Anonymous said...

This is a great piece and I am so glad that you are sharing it with the world! It is actually how I feel about my new boo.... Well put Kimberly N. Cooper, please keep writing and inspiring others with your poetic words.


Teej said...

Hey BIG GIRL....dont think that I dont see you. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogger ;)

Anonymous said...

Kim you are an amazing writer. I look forward to reading more of your blog! Keep writing!!! You are an inspiration. I loved this poem!!