Monday, July 14, 2008

Writers on the Block

I can't believe I have not connected to home base for two months. It's not like I haven't had stuff to kick it about - seeing history in the making at my alma mater Wesleyan when Barack Obama spoke at graduation; catching Mint Condition, Usher and Laylah Hathaway live within one week; my 15 year high school reunion; The BET Awards in LA; The Bay Area debut of the break/s featuring Marc Bamuthi Joseph; Cat On A Hot Tin Roof; clocking it with the talk radio show I host on Columbia's WKCR-FM, HipHop4Life Radio; meeting my first celeb crush Malcolm Jamal Warner as an adult and telling him about the first time I met him at age 12- just a gang of stuff has been going on. Keep it real, a chick been busy and blessed.

I made some mental notations and took some written ones in my Blackberry Curve, but I really didn't make the full commitment to my Blog space with the stuff I've been experiencing and of course feeling...Been feeling hella inspired tho cuz I realized my writing is theraputic. To get it super focused, I was working on my latest Essence assignment for the Women in Power issue and had the opp to speak with this major power attorney. Condensing my hour long interview into 400 words was tight to say the least, but what killed it for me was during the interview Mrs. Esq. referenced her own research of me. In my hundreds of interviews never have I heard my interviewee make any reference to the schools I went to or the places I worked, especially having never met them. I was super flattered, gassed, pick the word. Either way, after chopping it up with Mrs. Esq., not only did she drop gems that I will personally keep in the arsenal, but she gave me the blessings with my own big vision.

I am a writer...I have a right to change the world and I WRITE to change the world...

I'm back...

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