Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Whole New World

It's been 9 LONG months since I logged in and dedicated myself to expressing what is in the four courners of my mind. I never even completed my ten day journey down under with the Aussie's. Please don't charge it to my heart...What an amazing journey it has been since then.

I'd be remiss if I didn't connect to the highlights: getting engaged and producing my first television show Still Rollin: The 2009 Detroit Auto the not so fresh moments: losing my aunt to cancer and my mother's 90 something year old godmother to a disease I don't even know the name of. Through it all I've been incredibly blessed.

There have been some definite transitions since I last wrote. Clear transitions in time. Transition of relationships - space - emotions...just overall life transition. Change is consistant and everything happens for a reason. God has been my constant source and I am uber thankful for His peace because there have been so many instances where I desired to pause for the cause. But I K-I-M because that's what Big Girls do.

Welcome back to the BG Unlimited blog...stronger - fearless and faithful....Let's go!


Rashana said...

Welcome back!! and congrats on the engagement!!!

Black Family Man said...

I wanna read about BG Unlimited more consistently.... What's good sistren?

BFM (guess who?)