Monday, January 4, 2010

The 2010 Message - Procrastination

Tradition has always been a strong suit of mine - I'm a creature of tremendous habit. So it made perfect sense to send 2009 packing in true steeped and purposeful tradition, church. Most folk I know were prepared to usher the season out, and I was glad to do such with my future husband, my sister, my 6 year old nephew and my prayer sister/neighbor.

After the fabulous presentation of our ministry in 2009, praise and worship followed, and then came my anointed Pastor, Rev. Dr. A.R. Bernard. Everybody loves their pastor, but my Pastor is a teacher amongst many students, yet he still remains teachable. He teaches us that having a relationship with God is paramount to religious rituals. We are ambassadors for Christ in the culture because we can be in the world, but not of it.

Suffice to say we started talking about principles as they govern life and order as ordained by God. After all, God works according to patterns and principles. We went through an overview of the first few books in the Old Testament as an example of God's pattern for Israel's growth and development. The lesson: too often we want to enter the Promise Land without growing up, but in the Promise Land, it takes work to deal with giants.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness
through our knowldge of him who called us by his own glory and

-2 Peter 1:3

Then we moved to Joshua 18:1-3 and Pastor asked the question - how long are you going to wait to take possession of the land God has already promised you? And then bam, he transitioned to the lesson: reasons why we procrastinate. But I must warn you, this involves an emotional, self-evaluation.

  • The desire for attention --> not enough recognition in it for you
  • Fear --> of change (attitude; self esteem; self awareness; relationship); criticism; disappointing other people (dealing with your own character for people who have bought into your self image); failure; inadequecy; mistakes; rejection; the unknown (take you out of your comfort zone because you don't want to be stretched)
  • Feeling overwhelmed --> the mass gets bigger and the weight gets heavier
  • Indecisiveness --> you can't make decisions quickly and effectively
  • Lack of deadlines --> lack of information; not interested
  • Over commitment --> don't let your mouth burden your back; yes is yes and no is no
  • Resentment --> you are disappointed in what you have been given to do
  • Unclear goals --> the clearer the goal, the more you are like a magnet; with the goals you continue t put off what is necessary
  • Unpleasant task
  • Distraction --> you allow yourself to do something that is more pleasurable instead of what you don't like; reduces the anxiety as a temporary escape
  • We learned that procrastination is a symptom of some area of anxiety or stress in our lives. Procrastination will rob you of doing what you want to do and you will not change until you know why you are doing it. 2010 is the time for me and you to possess the land God has for us. Stop the excuses and face it straight on. The time is now!!


    kim said...

    I need to get the cd to this word! Pastor just gets better and better!

    Anonymous said...

    As we talked a few weeks ago, it is so interesting to know that we aren't the only ones going through and thinking about the things that we sometimes never voice to others...God wants to take us to the next level, and do new things- but we must first be willing to make changes and do the new things that He wants us to do as well! He has a mass abundance of blessings for us, and often we prolong those blessings by being disobedient in those things such as procrastination. As we see in the Bible, it can take 40 years or 30 minutes depending upon this sometimes. Either way, ultimately God is going to have His way. My NYE service was a great one too. It was based upon the topic"2009, I Got to Go!" And, it talked about basically how NOW is the time to work towards our purpose and our destiny and quit wasting time in not doing what we are supposed to do- kinda along the same lines of yours...I will share my notes with you too:-). And, the theme for the church for this year is "Doing the Word" versus just "hearing the word." It really makes you reflect on what it is that you are actually DOING...versus just thinking about. That was pretty deep for me...I am DOING many new things this year to get some new results. And it is amazing how God has already just shown up and revealed and confirmed things already based upon some of the changes and steps that I have started doing. He is truly amazing!!!

    Love ya chica!

    -Erika S-period" :-)