Friday, October 24, 2008

The Aussie Chronicles - Day 2


The 1230p "Doing Time Tour" at Fremantle Prison was pretty cool. Can't say that I have ever been to jail before, but our guide Brenden sure did make it interesting. Tony and I, the two man American crew, were joined by an international crew from Holland, Wales and the UK.

The joint was built by prisoners in the 1850's before "the convict establishment" was shut down in 1991. While it was being built, prisoners were housed in what is now a 5-Star hotel called the Esplanade Hotel. Prison is big business and once they figured this joint needed an upgrade, it was easier to relocate the homies rather than to put more dough into the upgrade. Now you can find the inmates in a spotty 30km down the road...I forgot the name :( We learned all kind of facts as we toured everything from the cells, to the yards, to the chapel in that hour and a half. We even caught the good look in the execution room. There were 44 executions that happened in Fremantle's 150 year existance, and all by hanging. It made me think of my fav 80's rap group The Fat Boys, "in jail without the bail."

Next it was off to the Fremantle Markets and Cappuccino Row. Shops galore. I enjoyed some chips with Tony as we did the walk around up and down South Tce. We strolled through the University of Notre Dame as as we headed to the Round House, the first established colony in Perth. We flicked it up at this beautiful overlook over the ports and the Indian Ocean.

Then we moved on to South Beach...which makes Miami look like a sand box. The clear blue water. The wind and sand blowing. The calmness of my surroundings. Just a quiet piece of heaven on earth.

God is so amazing. To think I am halfway around the world looking at all the wonderful works of nature. I'm in a different time zone, different culture and appreciating all that life has to offer. Life and time are so be savored, enjoyed and lived to the fullest. I often thought of this trip as just another stamp in my passport, not coming to the fullness of the beauty I was about to experience...let alone the jouney I am embarking upon. It's pretty fresh, and absolutely not taken for granted...Stay tuned!

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