Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Aussie Chronicles - Days 1 & 2

Friday, October 24

After 24 hours in the air, who is really aware of time? I was dreaming when I wrote this - forgive me if I go astray! It's 809am on Friday in Perth (809pm in NY where I originated from). I've managed to finally sit down to write about my journey, but no pictures to post quite yet.

When I landed yesterday afternoon, my fabulous host Tony the Tiger met me at baggage claim with hugs and a video camera. After a swift ride back to his crib, I was enamoured with the hospitality. My own room, with my very own queen crown on the bed, complete with a Welcome Note from Tony, his GF Maurise and their dog Bear. Awwww! I needed a shower - quick...and then we were off to meet Maurise.

***Disclaimer: My nickname for Tony and Maurise - "my favorite camp counselors!" Although Maurise is from Perth, with her 6 years in LA, and with she and Tony's recent move here, I didn't anticipate doing too much. They moved into their new digs a few weeks ago and Tony has only been in Perth 5 months. Needless to say, my itinerary for 10 days was planned, with 4 days where I choose my own activities that they outlined for me.***

Kings Park & Botantical Garden was a beautiful site. The sprawling greenery coupled with Maurise's excitement made me forget all about my jetlag. Within the Park we visited the State War Memorial, The Whispering Wall and the Court of Contempation. All beautiful sites, but The Wall was the most fun. Sitting on opposite ends of the wall, Maurise whispered into the concrete and I could actually hear what she was saying. Hence the name :)

It was off to a steak dinner on Hay Street in downtown Perth at a spot called Armada. Not really a beer drinker, and I didn't see any Reisling or Patron at the bar, so I opted for a ginger ale. A yummy meal as we each ate steak, shared chips (french fries), chatted and caught up on life and goals. Although food is normally this Big Girl's fuel, I was fading fast. We hopped in the whip to head to the grocery store, which ironically enough could be found at Garden City Mall.

I did the look around noticing the similarities to American shops (Body Shop, Swarovski), but the main difference on this Thursday night was that the mall was open late, until 9p....oooohhh!! Normally the hours are 9a - 6p, however on Thursday's in Perth, everyone takes advantage of the late hours. Soon as we hit the crib, I pin curled my hair and was off to bed...10p Aussie time / 10a NYC time.

As you can see, today (Friday) I'm up early. Clearly its a Facebook, email, my Telephone Love kinda morning. I miss my Boo. Maurise is off to the office and Tony is my official tour guide (along with his navigation system, aka Jane). I know on the docket is Fremantle Prison....oooh jail sounds like fun!

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