Saturday, October 18, 2008


33 Things I've Learned

  1. God's love is infinite and unconditional

  2. You can't make someone love you...With people, love is a choice and an exercise in free will

  3. When someone offers to show you who they truely are, believe them!

  4. Getting your heart broken has been equivalent to the pain of experiencing the loss of a life

  5. No one will ever replace your parents...and no one should

  6. Feelings change...therefore your emotions shouldn't rule your life

  7. Everybody needs therapy in one form or another

  8. You cannot grow in isolation

  9. The deepest wounds can be repaired with time, love, patience and communication

  10. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...or more distant

  11. The greatest obstacles we often face are the ones we create for ourselves

  12. Getting out of your own way requires an honest talk with yourself, reconciling between your heart, your mind and your emotions

  13. You CAN change the world one heart at a time

  14. Favor aint always fair

  15. Faith and obedience are the greatest tools in the shed

  16. When you're surrounded by darkness, pray and fast until you see the light

  17. I don't have to control everything...when things are beyond MY control, embrace change

  18. You dont have to simply love the one you're with, you must love yourself completely FIRST

  19. I will be "under construction" and "a work in progress" for the rest of my natural life

  20. It's ok to just's ok to just be ME

  21. No matter how much weight I lose or gain, my heart still weighs the same

  22. Time really does heal!

  23. You can't pick your family, but you can choose when you want to deal with them!

  24. My best friends are the dopest people I know

  25. Laughter is so good for soul

  26. Not everyone is capable of looking in the mirror, asking the hard questions and accepting the truths they find about themselves

  27. It's a lot easier to let go then to make an investment and do the work!

  28. Sometimes it's just less complicated to not say anything at all

  29. There's always tomorrow

  30. Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space!

  31. Maintaning a healthy lifestyle requires dedication, obedience and sacrifice each and every day

  32. To simply live life in expectancy!

  33. Jesus died so we could live life to the fullest...this IS my year!


Skinny Black Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Cut It Out! said...

It's ok to just's ok to just be ME
Enough said. Love the post Kim. :)

M4Quan said...

Hey Kim,
Happy New Year to you girlfriend. I love this post and your 33 things...

Keep being the BG.. Pam and I have nothing but love for you.