Sunday, October 18, 2009

34 Reasons to Be Thankful

As I turn one year older and one year wiser, I am reflecting on the journey. During my last season I posted "33 Things I've Learned." Transitioning from 32 to 33 was quite an introspective period of time for many reasons. From that season I have have blossomed in so many ways, hence, I am THANKFUL for...

  1. God presenting me with a man who loves me unconditionally - who wants me to be his wife and the mother of his children. So glad I made the decision to "Man Up." Love you RK and can't wait to officially become KCK!

  2. Good home training - yes and no thank you go a long way

  3. Friendship with amazing individuals - the nucleus of keeping it real and humorous at the same time.

  4. My sister, whom I don't always see eye to eye with but whom I'm glad we can challenge each other in our differences.

  5. My big sister/friend/mentor for many years of wisdom and growth. Tough love has made our relationship stronger.

  6. The soon to be in laws that show love to me in the same way they do to my fiancee. It's pretty fresh to have more family to grow with.

  7. My godmother, who stepped right in after mommy and daddy passed and picked right up. Such a diva :)

  8. My CCC family - Pastor and Minister O have planted spiritual seeds that will last a lifetime.

  9. My TOM Girls - prayer has changed so many things in our lives...Here's to keeping it going whether near or far.

  10. My trainer who is kicking my butt while telling me stories about England and his own struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle (so relatable).

  11. Opportunities

  12. The three men in my past adult relationships that forced me to grow emotionally and spiritually because they prepared me for the love of my life...(I pray the deposits I made in their lives helped them to mature as well).

  13. My conversations with the good doctor have catapulted me to close chapters, unearth and work through emotions while setting goals in areas that I didn't know I had to.

  14. Repairing and growing my relationships with my extended family - what a journey to healing and developing on new ground!

  15. My four legged babies Jello & Nina have taught me so many lessons about myself. Mama loves and needs your presence...MEOW :)

  16. Common sense and the ability to think from a macro approach and not a myopic perspective.

  17. My BA degree- straight up! Graduating from college in 4 years didn't feel like a given at that time of my life, but I made it, and Dad lived to witness it.

  18. BG Unlimited - God put it on my heart years ago and I'm finally accepting my responsibility to bring the multi-platform vision to pass

  19. Resources

  20. Gifts, talents and abilities

  21. Memories too many to remember...too many to forget!

  22. The power of the written word to shape, heal and transform

  23. My Blackberry - gotta love messages and thoughts on the go

  24. Hair accessories - OMG - pony tails, wigs...I heart being able to flip my look

  25. Experience - beyond it being a good teacher, it's one heck of a prop to boost confidence

  26. Laughter

  27. The color of the sky at sunrise and sunset

  28. Grey's Anatomy

  29. The lessons I've learned along the's the little things

  30. Houston's spinach dip - satisfies my cheese fetish and my green veggie requirement :)

  31. New York - so much to much to love

  32. Faith

  33. My car - exactly what I envisioned, blessed and manifested in the right season

  34. Love expressed unconditionally, selflessly and unlimited

**And my wish for my 35th - To continue to grow and strengthen my relationship with God, knowing and understanding His word while exhibiting His spirit in everything I do...a journey of patience, dedication and consistency. **

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BigCNYC said...

Great list. I might have to steal--ooops you this as inspiration--for my birthday blog post.:O)