Friday, October 9, 2009

Bridal Bootcamp - (Thoughts on the road to a healthy lifestyle)

I've always struggled with my weight. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember being a big girl. While I was taller than all of my peers, including the guys, I also weighed more. I always felt different as a result of it. As mom instilled a confident sense of self esteem for my unique look, and she was equally aggressive with keeping me mindful of my figure.

I've tried many a diet and extreme measure to keep my weight down. I've ballooned up and I've slimmed down. The yo yo weight has been as consistent as I have been inconsistent with effectively managing my weight.

So here I am...about to get married and the scale has not been my friend. Somehow the road to falling in love added on some "love" handles. RK loves me just the same, but he is keenly aware that I desire to glide down the aisle toward him. Perhaps float is a better word. Either way, my fab fiance took the initiative to sign us up for a gym. Actually, to be clear, he signed us up to become members of one of NYC's most popular "sports clubs," - Reebok.

The 6 floors include a basketball court, outdoor track, mind/body spa, rock climbing wall, cafe and rooftop deck are just a few of the offerings. Never mind the pool, steam room and whirlpool. I've lived across the street from a gym my entire life and found it challenging to motivate to walk across. The motivation factor was never there. There's just something about paying your hard earned money for something that makes you appreciate it more. At least for me.

I was wildly intimidated when I received the tour. Like severely overwhelmed. The thought of incorporating this into my lifestyle was like...drastic. None the less, I have a wedding dress to get fitted for. Beyond that, the ramifications of not incorporating some level of activity back into my lifestyle was not an option. I feel off from the neighborhood boot camp and the African dance classes at Alvin here I am at the "gym."

After my first few attempts going on my own, I quickly realized I needed a routine to develop some consistency. RK is good playing BBall for his total body workout, but the girl needs more. Two complementary private training sessions came with our membership and I quickly fell in line. By the end of my first session with Stewart from England, I was convinced I needed this level of discipline and commitment in my life. I sacrificed the dollars because this made lots of sense to get me going.

Never went to the gym with regularity. Actually never belonged to a gym and definitely have never had a personal trainer. So I told Stew these 30 sessions have to count because I have some serious goals. He confidently said "no problem, we'll get there." So here I am, 7 sessions in and feeling beat down. I meet Stew twice a week and attend classes twice a week. Four days I didn't think was too bad for someone who wasn't doing anything consistently. So now I'm actually trying to turn it up a notch. It's a slow turn, but this week I kicked butt.

All my peeps keep telling me it takes time as I say, "I still don't love it." If I miss church I'm upset because I need the Word. If I miss the gym, eh, I'm good. It makes me laugh because I really want to be excited about this healthy lifestyle maintenance. I'm giving myself the time, but I'm steadily applying pressure :)

My BDay is in a few weeks and I am fully aware these pounds don't fall off in the 30's like they did in the 20's. But I will absolutely keep trying to renew my mindset. The Bible says you can't pour new wine into old wine skins. I equate that to mean, as I prepare to embark on this next phase of my life, I cannot continue to do the same 'ol as I move to the new-new. Suffice to say, it's a journey, but uber excited RK and I are mindful it takes time and we're doing it together.

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