Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ten Days Deep

I've been floating for the past 10 days since our wedding day.  Our day was magical, beautiful, refreshing and overall just blessed.  The energy that was present was ultra magnetic, and love was very much in the air.  I wasn't too sure that I could let go and be present to enjoy the moment as everyone suggested.  I knew I had to adhere to a schedule...the very detailed "Flow Doc" I created, but I tend to always want to micro manage my stuff.

I went to sleep in prayer and woke up cheerful and hungry,  I called my husband to be around 8a and he appeared to already be on the go.  The hours seemed to go by so slowly in the morning which could have easily been disguised as my anxiety.  I was ready for hair & make-up.  Ready for the arrival of my bridal party, ready to see the groomsmen in their tuxs, ready to hear our Pastor give a good word, ready to see how all of the pieces to the puzzle I had been placing together for months was finally going to come together. As the time ticked, the photographer and videographer arrived.  My godmother was right by my side to make sure everything was moving along.  I called my planner/cousin to check in.  Everything was just as it was supposed to be.

We were off schedule about 30minutes plus by the time I finished hair and make up so my picture plan at the hotel was kabashed.  :(  Guests had begun arriving when we pulled up to the Manor, but they were ready for us.  Dirt on the front of my dress distracted for a minute but we kept moving.  Pictures, cocktails, laughter, my girls and I were all excited.  They looked fab and so did I.  The guys were outside doing the same thing.  My godmother had not arrived.  Her mother took a spill down the stairs.  Slight moment of panic.  It was resolved, and then it was time to line up.  I couldn't hear my cue...the fountain was too loud.  I moved up with my godfather/uncle and it was showtime. Don't fall Kim, don't look down at the ground keep your eyes on Rod.  I can't see him over all these people.  Smile.  Don't cry and make the ugly face.  There he is :)

Once I saw Rod it made me smile big.  I could tell he thought I was beautiful. I could tell he was fighting the tears.  We were both overwhelmed with joy, happiness and love.  The best moment was when RK drank all the Communion wine and left me the suds.  HILARIOUS :)  By the time we lit our Unity Candle and Memorial Candles, I was so overwhelmed with the joy of the moment I could not believe how fast it was all happening. 

Pastor had such a focused look when he was delivering the message and vows to us that it didn't even matter that the sound system connected to his mic was janky. (It really did matter but I could not look away to tell them to CUT IT OFF). Pastor talked to us about our roles as husband and wife.  About our responsibilities to each other - RK as profit, priest and provider for our family.  Mine - acknowledging my power to support my husband with my words and in our home - I am to provide a safe space from the world in our home.  It was so amazing and intense.  Then it was over.  We paraded out and then it was time to sign the marriage license.  Our brother and sister signed as our witnesses and we are now officially Mr. & Mrs. King.

By that point I had no concept of time but I did witness everyone enjoying cocktail hour while the wedding party and I took LOTS of pictures.  I just remember feeling WOW, we did it!  By the time we were announced for the reception, everything had fallen into place.  The uplighting looked fabulous and our gobo (above) was an amazing surprise gift from our cousins.  Our DJ absolutely kept the room rocking and we had a blast.  I remember being present and enjoying our guests, the food, the atmosphere and each other.  Never mind that the timing for My Fair Wedding with David Tutera didn't work out.  Never mind that our venue, Westbury Manor, wouldn't even engage in a conversation with the producers for my participation in Four Weddings for an all expense paid honeymoon.  After that night, we knew we would have won...but never mind. :(  Everyone looked like and told us they enjoyed our day - from the ceremony to the reception to all the details in between.

While 4+1+5 = 10, in 2010, on our 10th day of marriage, I believe we are both still as excited, as committed, as connected as we were on our day.  The prayers, well wishes, blessings and support we have received is such an awesome thing.  We identify that we are as responsible for each other as we are to lead by example in our marriage.  The journey has just begun.  Join us for the ride.

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BFM said...

We are on the ride with you. Thank you for joining us in the community of committed, Christian marriage.

This ain't for the weak... :)

Faith and Love --

Black Family Man