Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In The Womb

Amidst school girl crushes and grown woman facination beats a fluttering heart.

A life merely forming it's existence yet profoundly effecting my entire world.

With spirit and emotion intersecting at the epicenter of my cervix, I have life.

As seed turns to fetus, turns to baby

The days turn to weeks, turns to months, turns to a new realm of existence.

Trepidation meet hesitation.

Hesitation greet intimidation.

Intimidation, my name is Momma.

Maternal instincts kick into high gear as quiet fear resonates in my subconscious.

The who, what, where, why and how questions now have a frame of reference and a POV.

I immediately conclude that the lens upon which I view my world will forever be changed

As my body takes shape and form to develop another living, being inside.


Feb 27, 2011


putyrdreams1st said...

Beautiful! Nice to see the poems are flowing! Congrats, Kim!

Luster said...

This piece...this piece of art is worthy of awards. So poetic "merely forming it's existence, yet real and a tad raw "cervix". " name is Momma" I could go on and on. LOVED IT! Want to hear it read! LOVED IT!

Thanks for sharing

akisha said...

Awesome!! The seed within, is truly inspiring Momma!! This is a masterpiece Sis.

Ricardo O. said...

Congrats, Kim. Having just gotten here, I can say that there's no place like the [parent]hood! You're going to be great at it. God is good

Original Cyn said...

Beautiful poem, Cooper -- seriously almost made me cry!? I am so happy for you and Rodney. Congratulations!

Kelly Keelo said...

Love the poem. Congratulations! So happy & excited for you:-)

andrea said...

you have captured the essence of the process of becoming a mother. beautiful body of work.

Shana said...

Kim, this was BEAUTIFUL!!! A true description of one who is entering motherhood for the first time (a since of the unknown), I LOVED IT! thank you for making me smile this morning. Super Congrats on your "new" journey.

Donna Jackson said...

Kim! The poem was beautiful! Congratulations on the future prince / princess!

Curtis said...

WOW!!! Congratulations my friend - it's Beautiful!

theHotness Grrrl said...

Congratulations and God Bless you and your husband! This was exquisite-- caused a flutter inside my spirit. Thanks for sharing.

EVELYN said...

Kim Kim Kim!
WOW! You continue to move people with your blogs, yet this one is the one that has pulled all our hearts together as one for your soon-to-be born son.
The second part of your journey Has begun!
We love you, Rodney and the little one whom we will meet in July.


BigCNYC said...

absolutely lovely. welcome to mommyhood!