Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cheers To Mommy & ME

When I stumbled upon Intimacy in Garden State Plaza two days before Christmas, I was friendly reminded that "a bra can change your life." As a new mom to a 5 month old boy named Cooper, bringing my sexy back to induct myself into the M.I.L.F Club of America, was a foreign concept. I've contemplated getting that "old thing back," however somewhere between the 3am wake-up calls, an 8-plus hour work day, and the too many Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte's (size grande), I had forgotten about ME.

I knew 2012 was fast approaching and Team Get In Shape was at my front door.  So with a "free bra fit makeovers" sign glaring through the glass window of an empty store, I knew I had to stop for a minute. I was greeted by Lourdes as I looked around at all the pretty wall displays. When I inquired "up to what size do you carry?," I was promptly met with a rousing "N," and I knew this little pit stop was going to take some time.

A quick survey and my expression of dissatisfaction with my current nursing bras turned into me being escorted to a brightly-lit, spacious dressing room. Lourdes spoke to me about the stats and percentages of most women wearing ill-fitting bras as she quickly instructed be to remove my garments.  "This is new," I thought to myself. I'll be right back, I want you to try something on," Lourdes stated as she retreated out the door."

I looked at my ill-fitting nursing bra, even though Cooper was home with his sitter on this particular Friday, and thought to myself, "this must change in 2012.". Once Lourdes re-entered my dressing room, she was armed with a beige bra with extremely huge cups. As I lifted my very full, nursing breasts, I slid my arms into this newness. As I lifted, Lourdes adjusted and closed me up from the back.

Since giving birth I've been much less prudish about my body. I'm no longer ashamed of and trying to cover or make excuses for my physical imperfections. I have given life to another human being. And I'm okay that it's taken me a while to get back on the horse. I breathed a sigh of comfort and relief as Lordes stated, "yes this is much better."

"Dare I ask what size this is?," and Lourdes matter-of-factly replied "J'" as i gasped. The Panache bra actually was "HH" and it was explained to me that different manufactures reflect the cup size differently. What was irrefutable was that I'm "a natural 36," as Lourdes began to show me the benefits of my new garment through praise.

I wore her compliments like fine adornments of great value. I had not felt the sexiest in the past few months as Cooper's Milk Manufacturer. "you see how it lifts you up," Lourdes explained, "you can really see your shape.". I didn't think I still had a shape, but I'll take it.". Yes I was empowered to embrace that shape that i once had.

Lourdes and I chatted about the most efficient way to maintain your bra shape, because let's face it, I was catching a sale, but on average a bra for a woman with ample bosom will cost upwards of $65 plus dollars- each. And if you are trying to really be sexy, you have to buy a matching panty so you can express your sex appeal. The frilly, avant grade colors and patterns are much harder to find at my size so I better try and match that beige bra with acute bottom.

While I didn't find a nursing bra in my size, I did request a sports bra. Who knew Freya fit the bill...and in a double H. Goodbye Nike XL sports are good to walk around the house in, but when I start running again, Me, Freya and the twins are going to be fully supported whether I am still nursing or not.

As I headed to check out at the register, I didn't really want to hear the total for 3 bra/panty sets, 2 sports bras (underwire and without) and undergarment cleaner. Suffice to say, I left with the intent of entering the contest to win a $500 Intimacy shopping spree because Mama's M.I.L.F. status is in jeopardy. And now with my purchase, Mama's M.I.L.F. status may actually be a possibility from the inside out. Here's to ME and all that is to come.

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