Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Letter To My Unborn Son"

photo: Pat Houston Photography


I knew a time would come when the love your father and I share would create a life.

A time where we would unselfishly seek to deposit the best of us into another being.

The irony of that time being now is - I have no idea who YOU will eventually become.

I want for you to know and develop your own relationship with our Father, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I want you to be smart, respectful and witty.

I desire for you to be introspective and transparent, but most of all accountable.

I want your character to reflect truth, integrity and authenticity.

Perhaps be a follower and observer, but only to grow into an independent thinker.

I pray that your legacy will be one of greatness.

A legacy that honors not only your father and I, but one that you will be unabashedly unafraid to create and live to the fullest for yourself.

I know you will have a full life filled with mountains high and valleys low.

And through it all, I will encourage you to walk by faith and not by sight.

I want a lot FOR you and FROM you

But I want these things BECAUSE of you.

Because the journey will be uniquely your own to make choices.

We'll be there to guide you, but we will let you fall.

It's so important that you learn early to live life on levels and arrive in stages.

Nothing is ever going to be handed to you, and the sooner we can teach you to appreciate all that life is and all that it isn't,

The sooner you will begin to lovingly embrace it for yourself.

That's the reason why your name is so special.

And it was chosen especially for you.

So that you never forget where you come from, or where you are going.

Cooper Moses-

A barrel maker

A leader


(Kimberly King - 3/16/11)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this Kimberly!

Lisa Fancy Mesa said...

Brought me to tears...Kimmy you are truly blessed & highly favored. Love always, Fancy

AkishaBoo said...

This was BEAUTIFUL!!

EverythingMan HB said...

Already, he is an EverythingMan. That's how his parents are gonna raise him.