Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cocktails & Conversation

Every few months me, Big C & CeeGee get together. These are my sistas in training. In 2006 we embarked on a 6 week ritual at 6am, three times per week called True Control Fitness in Harlem. All in all, we were in Boot Camp and our troop name was Pump It Up. Drills, drill sergeants, sir/ma'am, the whole nine. We endured and continued our teamwork mentality through out that summer.

Winter 06 was cold and then I got injured. My two Harlemites kept it moving off and on while I was rebuilding. Now it's two years later and I think we look pretty damn fly! We each have our own regimen now, but when we get together and chop it up, we still still laugh and talk about the same stuff we did on the track...Only these days its over a good bottle of wine :) Fabulousity indeed!

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