Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is a shout out to the feminine feline within me. In looking back over the years I have loved cats. Cat stationary for days since I was a youth that I found stashed away...and God just brings our deepest desires full circle.

These two four legged, furry felines above bring me so much joy. My oldest, Jello, is the big boy (12 lbs) in the back and he's 13. While my baby girl Nina (8 lbs) will be 4 years old in August. My vet has them both on a diet because they like to eat. They get it from their therefore this house is one where we watch our intake :)

Both my babies were given to me. Jello about 8 years ago and Nina at 6 weeks. Although they come from two different litters, these two are brother and sister indeed, and we are a family. It was just Jello and I for a while until my Fuzzy said that I needed to share. All this on his birthday. So Nina entered our life.

My kids represent very distinct aspects of my personality. Jello is my laid back, cool out, mello side. Jello is straight sleep and eat! Nina on the other hand represents the spaz, never quite comfortable, sometimes bold, sometimes fearful side within me. I used to laugh at pet owners who doted over their animals. That is until I had one of my own.

Jello and Nina have taught me a lot about unconditional love. I never thought I would spend three grand on emergency surgery for my pet when I myself didnt even have health insurance....But I did. I never saw a cat in heat either, but two B's in one house does not mesh well. Too much howling in the midnight hour...clearly there can only be one Queen BG, and off to the doctor Nina went.

Anyway, I just thought I would spread love about my loves! Meow.....


Anonymous said...

I am enjoying reading your blogs. You are inspiring me to write one, and to maybe eventually get a cat. I am much more of a cat person than a dog person.

-Erika- (PA)

BigCNYC said...

Awww, for the love of cats! I still miss my Daisy, who nows goes in that big litter box in the sky. She was a best friend, a teacher, a healer, and through her meows, a communicator. We understood each other--single gals in the city. I still regret I didn't take care of her enough. I've often prayed she was only on life number 1 and the next 8 would get better each time.